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Helmets, covers and accessories helmets

Main assets of an outfit is to be aesthetic, practical and to effectively protect. It’s to reach this goals we invite you to discover our helmets, caps, hats and other headdresses, which will effectively complete your outfits.

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Caractéristiques (Famille de casque)
Type de casque
4,99 €

2,99 €

Battle Cleared

14,99 €

Battle Cleared

14,99 €

13,49 €

Instead of 14,99 €

An outfit will be complete only when it’s finalized by an effective headdress, aesthetic and practical.

Whatever the theme is WW2 (World War Two) with our german airborne helmet, the US M1 helmet or the MK2 english helmet; or mode modern with helmets like FAST type or MICH 2000, made with quality with different camouflage available; or more with many other headdresses like berets, bush hats, caps, bonnets, balaclavas, will dress up an outfit and allow you to be effectively protected.

Many references are to find in parts “airsoft outfits” of our website, and also in our sub-category, specific for each kind of headdress.

Our headsets are dedicated for airsoft practical, reenactment, cosplay in convention and must be used with caution. The practice of extreme sports is not advised with this games accessories.

Don’t hesitate to contact our crews to get more information on the headdress you need!