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Game Rules


By participating in the events organized by Heritage-Airsoft, you have read, approved and agree to the rules of play below.

As part of the development of our leisure, Airsoft, the company Heritage-Airsoft, specializing in the sale of equipment and airsoft replicas, organizes Airsoft events for players.

These events can have multiple formats:

Sunday party - Action play - several small parts that follow one another,

Scripted games: one to two games on one day

Opex: Airsoft OP for a specific occasion or theme, GN, Milsim

The objective of Heritage-Airsoft is to organize at least one event per week, in order to offer practitioners a solution of regular play and adapted to different requests.


The Dwarf King's Mines

Satory Scarabe Airsoft

Takoyaki CQB

RULES OF PLAY: By buying your place you agree to respect these rules. Rules specific to each field may be added.
The Heritage-Airsoft company pays particular attention to the following points

1. Security

2. Power & class

3. Game security

4. Roleplay: Factions

5. Game mechanics

6. Fairplay and arbitration

1. Security

The land used by Heritage-Airsoft is subject to pre-event control and is secured either by the partner or the Heritage-Airsoft staff.

The risk of falling is not zero, Heritage-Airsoft can not be held responsible for any minor incident. Airsoft is a hobby with dangers, well equip itself is to prevent your safety.

By having a responsible behavior, the events will proceed in a fluid way and with atmosphere.

at. Glasses and eye protection:
Glasses are mandatory on the entire field, only the neutral zone, no play zone, allows the absence of eye protection.

The glasses must be regulated by French standards (EN-166B or EN-166A.)
Removing his glasses from the field will result in 30-minute isolation in the sanctuary, followed by permanent expulsion from the site if repeated.

b. Facial protection:
Wearing facial protection, however small, is highly recommended.

A player playing without facial protection is exposed to injuries up to the loss of teeth. A player playing without facial protection will first be aware of the risks and will assume all responsibilities in case of gaming injuries.

c. Overall protection:
Players are responsible for their equipment and know that a part of airsoft carries gambling risks. We strongly recommend the following equipment to perform a game in complete safety:

- Wearing the helmet

- Rangers Port / Rising Shoe

- Wearing pants and a jacket of lattice or solid fabrics (Ripstop)

- Knee pads, elbow patches

- Wearing a tactical vest or a plate holder

- Wearing gloves

However the thickness of the clothes and equipment attenuates or neutralizes the impact of the ball and the key remains valid, the player must declare himself OUT.

If there is any doubt, the rules of FAIRPLAY invite to declare OUT by default.

d. Neutral zone
Shooting in the neutral zone is strictly forbidden, the shippers are obliged to be removed from the replica and the chambers emptied of their balls before entering the neutral zone.

The neutral zone is a place that must be respected and kept clean. Bins are available to players, any breach may result in a ban on practice on Heritage-Airsoft sites.

Any use of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited and will result in permanent eviction from the land.

All weapons, blades and dangerous tools are strictly prohibited in the field.

For a reason of immersion.

Reloads during the game phases are not allowed, but can be unlocked through additional missions.

3. Game security

Climbing is prohibited on the grounds, the passage of an obstacle of a maximum meter is possible.

Grenades are allowed depending on the terrain.
Artisanal grenades are prohibited.

Any violent or disrespectful games may result in immediate expulsion from the field, for example:

· Breakage & degradation of material & voluntary item,

Physical strikes in doors and fragile equipment,

· Game said violent / aggressive (jostling, insults, sexism, racism, derogatory remark etc etc ...) without showing respect towards other players will result in an immediate expulsion from the site.

Lasers, strobe: forbidden.

Doors must not be blocked and barricade prohibited.

Bending through the windows is not allowed.

No anti-game

Shooting safety:

All shots must be controlled and made accurately, indiscriminate shooting or "Lebanese" shots are not allowed.

Shots in the head are to be avoided but possible (uncontrolled reaction, sighting error, etc ...): protect yourself!

Voice eliminations, or "pan out" are not allowed, a shot is always necessary to put "out" an opponent, unless it goes by itself.

the organizers reserve the right to exclude any person whom they consider to have dangerous behavior

4 - Roleplay: Factions
You play soldiers recruited or from rival entities.

1. The Southern Federation - "FED" - code: Forest Camo (see examples here)

2. The Private Army of the Titanis Corporation, Global Security - Code "GS" - dress code: Camo Desert or MULTICAM (see examples here)

3. The private army of the Inter-National Disaster Response Agency (INDRA), Units NK - indicative "NK" - dress code: Camo Urban / Night

You are free to inquire about the background of these factions to deepen your roleplay.

You are free to interact with your opponents, ask them to surrender, or negotiate goals with them.

Depending on the scenario, an opponent who has surrendered or is being treated by the opposing entity may be accompanied to prison. His equipment then becomes unusable until his release *.

You can deactivate a prisoner's replicas, indicating to him that he will not be able to use it during the imprisonment phase.

You have the possibility to search the prisoners only with their agreements, in the case where a prisoner does not wish to be searched he will have to present all the items he has on him and all his replicas will be automatically deactivated.

Attention: The replicas are strictly personal and should in no case be taken without the agreement of the owner.

5 - Game mechanics - Gameplay:

1. You are at stake & you are touched by a ball:

· You declare yourself touched by shouting "OUT" or "Touched" at high and intelligible voice and take out a key indicator. (Light, scarf / Other)

· You kneel down, you can lie down too.

· Count 1 minutes out loud on the spot, once the minute has passed you can return to your respawn point indicated by a flag.

· You also have the option of staying an extra minute on the spot while a Doctor arrives. (Optional)

· Once at your Spawn, wait for the time or the number of people needed according to the rules of the game to be able to leave again.

· If your replica in play (the one in your hands) is touching, this replica is out of play it is necessary to shout "replica HS"

· If it's a replica that is not in your hands, you'll be out. (example: holster, replica dangling against the body etc etc ...)

. You can force an opponent out to return to his spawn by touching his shoulder and tell him "confirms Kill".

2. Doctor - Medic:
During the 2 minutes, a doctor, recognizable by a red indicator, can pick you up or a player can move you, putting his hand on your shoulder to take cover.

The doctor has resuscitation ribbons that he collects at the point of respawn.

If the Doctor puts a resuscitation ribbon on your arm, you go directly into play.

You can have as much resuscitation tape as the doctor has. If the doctor has no ribbon, you will not be able to be revived.

You must be able to count 1 minute on places once touched.

Once in the spawn, drop all your resuscitation ribbons so that the doctors can retrieve and reuse them.

A doctor can be resuscitated by a doctor

n player if he puts a ribbon around his arm.

3. When you are out and return to the spawn:
· Your key indicator should be clearly visible.

· Adopt non-hostile behavior.

· Play areas are not a cafeteria, so once off-the-game move you quickly to non-play areas.

· By your movements and your positioning, do not interfere with the actions in progress.

· Advertise so that you are not confused with a player.

· Outs do not speak, and do not have permission to give game information until they have reached their respawn point.

4. Estafette: White marker
This is a role distributed by the AJ (AUtorité de Jeu). The estafette can bring back to blocked players in zone of respawn without waiting for the time or the number of people required to return in game. This makes it possible to bring useful reinforcements at the right moment.

5. Engineer: Black Marker
It is a role distributed by the AJ (Game Authority) and identified by a black indicator. The engineer is the only one to carry out missions involving explosives or piracy. It also has the ability to repair OUT replicas to put them back into play

6. Fairplay & respect
When you are at stake:
Only announce your faction, not the opponent's, and you have permission not to answer.

The friendly shot is effective: the "team kill" causes an out. But the affected teammate may ask you to go offside and follow him to respawn. If he does not offer it to you, it's your decision to go out of business, or to continue.

AJ for Gambling Authority:

The game leader is also a referee, his name is AJ. He is the only master on board and is able to judge a contentious situation.
He can exclude a player without summons. Going against an AJ decision can lead to exclusion.


If a player has a question, is bored, disappointed, or upset, he can still contact the AJ or RA. No need to wait until the end of the event to complain about a problem that could probably have been resolved quickly during the game

The AR or Intelligence Agent is responsible for the welfare and safety of players in the Neutral Zone and in the field. the AR manages the first aid kit, the found objects, the inconveniences and emergencies that occurred during the game. He can be in charge of the shop on the ground.


During the session, the organization will check the weight of the balls, the equipment, the power of the replicas, the waiting time of the injured, fair play.


At any time a player experiencing the need to isolate himself may ask AJ to enter the sanctuary. It is a comfortable and calm place. The Sanctuary can also be prescribed by AJ for a visibly irritated player.


Warning: vocal warning for light fault you must accompany the facilitator for 10 minutes.

Warning: written, obligation to stay 30 minutes with the animator.

Expulsion: expulsion from the final game after accumulating several fouls, or having committed a serious offense.

AJ will possibly have with him an arbitration camera, so you will be subject to video arbitration.

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