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Airsoft upgrade parts

Upgrade your airsoft gun thanks to all our parts, from the nozzle to the hop-up unit through pistons, piston heads and precision barrels, not to mention the springs and gears for your Gearbox.

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An airsoft replica must be pampered. To increase performance or simply keep them, you can now upgrade your replicas.

Each piece of original Gearbox can be changed with better quality parts and/or with different characteristics. Heritage-Airsoft therefore offers you the opportunity to upgrade (or downgrade) your gun to make it a unique custom.

Your original hop-up unit is plastic? Replace it with a metal block - or vice versa! Your hop-up seal is damaged? We have spare in different hardness available.

Discover all our precision barrels of 6.03mm from Armyforce, essential to have a precise trajectory of your BB’s and a greater reach.

Numerous pieces of Gearbox are available, whether gears, Tappet Plate, bushings, pistons and pistons’ heads, Spring Guide, springs of all kinds to adapt your power... all coming from famous airsoft brands as SHS, MODIFY, Element and Kyou; and brands carefully selected by Heritage-Airsoft to offer you the best possible quality. All these accessories have been thoroughly tested by our teams before we offer you them. Among these brands, we find MEDUSA and ARMYFORCE.

If you are not handy, or you want to change the type of Gearbox in a replica you’re customizing, discover our complete Gearbox already assembled, ready to be connected to the motor. We offer besides motor for spare parts/replacement.

Don’t hesitate to contact our teams to find out what you exactly need.