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WW2 Airsoft guns

You’re passionate about WW2 History? Heritage-Airsoft proposes you a wide selection of Softairs, which will serve you to play airsoft and also to take part in historical reenactment. 

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Heritage-Airsoft invites you to find replicas from your favorites historical (or not) heroes. Brad Pitt was equipped with a STG44/MP44 in the movie “Fury”, whereas his acolyte, Norman (Logan Lerman), was equipped with a M3A1 Grease Gun, or the evolution of the M3 version we propose you. Tom Hanks, in the movie “Saving Private Ryan”, was equipped with the M1A1 Thompson, you can find in Deluxe Edition, manufactured by King Arms.

And discover the inevitable M1 Garand, manufactured by ICS and G&G, which will serve you especially in ETO than in the Pacific battlefield. Their reliability and their performance will seduce you, in addition to their stunning realism!