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Airsoft shotguns

In the collective subconscious, shotguns are linked to powerful, lack of finesse and target cleaning in close space. Cinema has helped a lot these weapons to acquire this reputation. Airsoft guns are also interesting, and with an affordable price for all.

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534,90 €

You can access to a CQB (Close Quarter Battle) battlefield and you need a hand to clean rooms and corridors? So stop to be off with the fairies and join the battle by hooking a shotgun! The classics as M500 or SAS 12 (Franchi) will allow you to be a         redoubtable adversary during your great airsoft games.

Various types of shotguns can be found, so you’ll choose to take a stock (to be more stable when shooting), or if you prefer without the stock, making it more mobile with its compact look.

In function of models, several BB’s can be shot simultaneously, as the shotgun SAS 12 (Franchi) from ASG, thanks to its 3 inner barrels.

At last, you’ll notice there are cheap. It’s a characteristic of airsoft shotguns, these having a simple mechanic, because they are springs.