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Grenades launcher and grenade replicas

Grenades and grenade launchers are major tactical advantages on airsoft fields and neglect them would give chances to the opponent to win the game! Equip your airsoft replica of a grenade launcher, and earn a higher fire power than the opposing team.

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You have airsoft grenades and are looking for alternative envelopes for reuse them easily? We have different envelopes that will meet your needs: MK84 type, pineapple grenade, or BIG Flash Bang, we sell them individually or by 12 to save your money.
Also try our grenade launcher, intended for standard 40mm grenades that will allow you to shoot between 24 and 96 BB’s with a single shot. These grenades can work with conventional gas or CO2 capsules. The models of grenade with caps require the use of specific caps, available in spare parts that we offer in packs of 10 for a low price.
Add an M203 grenade launcher on your M4 airsoft gun, this will be very useful in CQB environment where spraying your opponent will facilitate you the task for the final victory!