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Airsoft Shoes, Rangers and Boots

Wear a good and nice outfit requires having a good pair of shoes you’ll wear during tens or hundreds of kilometers. That’s why Heritage-Airsoft has world exclusives in its catalog, the while by staying cheap.

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Whatever your wear an outfit for airsoft, historical reenactment or Cosplay for conventions (Japan Expo, Paris Manga, etc.) the most important is to well use shoes. A good soldier is a personal can walk long and during a long time!

It’s to aim for quality and durability Heritage-Airsoft offers you many references of shoes, rangers and boots will perfectly complete your airsoft outfits.

Some of these products are specially manufactured from our request, as the Fallschirmjäger boots, the German paratroopers during the World War Two; or the English boots, made with leatherette very strapping, to propose them you for an attractive price.

For these products, soles are sewn (better quality than the collage or hot assembly), there is an internal leather lining, and at last, the appearance, in more than the modern fabrication, stay authentic!