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Hood Balaclava

In addition to keep warm or protect from extreme weather conditions (snow, sand), hoods (or balaclava) Heritage-Airsoft will propose you will have an aesthetic appearance and will also allow you to keep a certain anonymity.

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3,50 €

8,99 €

8,99 €

The hoods are commonly used in airsoft, first to protect the lower face (an unfortunate BB’s won’t hit in your mouth in case of impact), and then because you’ll be protected from the elements, such as snow, dust or sand, and finally because it also has a significant aesthetic.

There are several types of hoods to meet your desires and needs: 1 or 3 holes. Then choose your camouflage, Heritage-Airsoft having several types of camos in stock. Whether a uniform color (black, olive), a modern camouflage (Kryptek of several types, Woodland, Digital PCU) or with a skull pattern (on black, tan or olive green background), we have what you’ll need to effectively complete your outfit.

We also have cover headers and bonnets of several types, to effectively protect you from the cold, or just to cover your hair.