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Shemagh, scarfs and others

Spice up your outfits and uniforms using Shémagh, scarves and other accessories we can offer regarding the protection of the neck, and possibly face.

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    An outfit for use in overseas operations in East countries will only be complete if you have the proper Shemagh. To proceed, we offer different products to complete your needs. Several colors of shemagh or sashes are available. Thus, the sand won’t be an obstacle in your themed airsoft games, you can protect the lower face without problem.

    A netting scarf with different camouflage may also be suitable for your outfit airsoft, it can also be used to camouflage your face if you are a sniper!

    And finally, if you make historical reenactment, the Army towel in olive color is perfect to complete your equipment for outfits during WW2, Korean War, Vietnam, etc.