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Airsoft Loadout

Need an outfit for playing airsoft? For cosplay? For re-enactment? Heritage-Airsoft offers you a large variety of outfits and uniforms to fit with your needs. 

The main Heritage-Airsoft’s feature? Find in one place the gear, the equipment and the replicas you need for an awsome airsoft look. We built kit list to help you coordinate what you wear : from head to toes, to disapear in your environment, to protect yourself or for role play, choose the outfit you prefer and enjoy!

Heritage-Airsoft loadout: Cosplay, Softair and re-enactment.

Whether for a disguise for conventions (Japan Expo, Paris Manga, Paris Games Week, Shooting & Games Show, etc.), for the thematic airsoft games, or for historical re-enactment, Heritage-Airsoft offers you many articles for fitting to all game types and for any ages. Indeed, there are no age restrictions linked to uniforms, unlike the airsoft guns!

Heritage-Airsoft loadout: From 40’s to the science fiction.

In Heritage Airsoft, our objective is to cover a maximum of historical periods, to “convert” you for History and make it more exciting. That’s why you can constitute a complete uniform of US paratrooper from 1944, outfit used in Normandy during the WW2. But you can also embark for the Vietnam and join the US Special Forces, or also in a futuristic universe as Stargate SG-1!

It’s to know Heritage-Airsoft has exclusive articles concerning WW2 outfits, for one purpose: afford you getting a complete outfit as easily as possible.

Heritage-Airsoft loadout: Camo and various nationalities.

Want a DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) to fit with your L82 A2? Need Flecktärn from Bundeswehr to fit with your Softair G36? Or simply the Center Europe Camouflage (CE) to ornament you Famas F1? Heritage-Airsoft applies offering you a large variety of nationalities and respective camouflages. So you will easily create uniforms from many countries, to cover a maximum of fronts.

Heritage-Airsoft loadout: Little and big screens.

Because you always wanted to feel like Bruce Willis, John Rambo or the captain Dick Winters, Heritage-Airsoft offers you the opportunity to take the place of your heroes. Because the airsoft is a roleplay, you’ll be the main actor of your own history! Add to this a few cameras of EVO type on your brother in arms’ outfits and you’ll be actually in the center of the action, to post after on YouTube! (Don’t hesitate to send us your creations via our Facebook page!)

Join the rows of Special Forces from V for Vendetta, the US paratroopers in Band of Brothers or Saving Private Ryan, and find the outfits from the inevitable Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Battlefield 4.

Heritage-Airsoft loadout: you’re the only limit!

Heritage-Airsoft offers you outfits lists already established and classified by nationalities. But nothing force you to respect this kit-lists to the letter. The only creation limit is your imagination! In this goal, Heritage-Airsoft will offer you soon completed made-up outfits, but that will give you a totally badass look!