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Vietnam airsoft loadout (65-75)

Heritage-Airsoft offers you outfits and equipment, allowing you to join the Vietnam’s tropical climate. Whatever is the camp you’ll choose, the most important is your equipment to avoid to be trapped by the jungle, and the enemy!

Heat, mosquitoes, humidity… All of this reminds you of something? Add the Napalm smell in the morning and welcome in Vietnam! Make your choice between the Vietcong and the US Army. Special Forces or “Grunt”, it’s your decision for the outfit for your airsoft Sunday airsoft! Heritage-Airsoft presents you several pieces almost impossible to find, as the pocket and the bottle cover, twice of M56 model; and like the reversible helmet cover Mitchell.

Constitute your outfits in function of the combat you want to lead, of the army you’ll choose. You can find this uniforms in war movies like Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, Rambo 2 and its parody Hot Shot 2, or Apocalypse Now.