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AK Airsoft guns

In order to live your "Russian" side of the Force, Heritage-Airsoft offers you a variety of airsoft products of the famous Kalashnikov, replica heavily prevalent on our airsoft games.

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479,90 €


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The AK, for Avtomat Kalashnikova, is the most widespread weapon in the world, fruit of the work of its designer Mikhail Kalashnikov. So it's the same in the world of airsoft, which AK are legion in our airsoft games.

Heritage-Airsoft offers many essential references for lovers of AK. Beginners will more easily choose over the range of entry-level such as AK from Cyma or DBoys, as experienced players will flow more easily on the middle-range like Classic Army. The real fans will go, meanwhile, towards BO Manufacture French products of an exceptional quality!

If an airsoft gun exceeds the 350fps limit advised by associations, please see our option "Downgrade 1 joule max" to easily use it by respecting your association’s rules (or the law in function of your country).