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Airsoft Guns

Heritage-Airsoft offers you a large number of references about airsoft guns of AEG type. Whatever your outfit, your period or your wishes, we will find what you need! Many subcategories will help you to make your choice, without breaking the bank.

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AEGs (Automatic Electric Gun) are the heart of the airsoft activity. Accessible for anyone, for any budget, they constitute the simplest way to practice in within your airsoft team. The maintenance and upgrade of these airsoft guns are easy*, by the way Heritage-Airsoft proposes you many accessories to customize your Softairs. Our long replicas are gathered by type, to ease your researches.

 WW2 airsoft guns

WW2 Softairs gather many essential references like the M1 Garand, the MP40, the Thompson M1A1 or the STG44/MP44. But the Grease Gun ICS is also a must, you can see it in the movie “Fury”.

Armalite type airsoft guns

Airsoft gun like M4, M15, M16, HK416, etc. are the most common guns in the airsoft world, thanks to their simplicity of conception, their strength and the opportunities for improvement. Add to this the fact all M4 magazines are compatibles between the brands. Heritage-Airsoft offers you many references in accessories to transform your M4 into a tactical gun!

AK type airsoft guns

AK-47, AK-74 and other AKM are almost as famous as Armalites. The real Kalashnikov (from the creator’s name) are flawless robustness! References we propose you are renowned for their reliability and realism. The airsoft guns from Classic Army and Jing Gong have already proven, by staying cheap!

SCAR airsoft guns

Lovers of this Softair, copy from the Belgium FN SCAR, will discover the Special Combat Assault Rifle. Don’t hesitate to often come back to see (again) our catalog, our references being regularly actualized.

MP5 airsoft guns

Renowned to be compact, MP5 replicas we propose you don’t derogate to this rule. MP5 K, MP5 A5 or MP5 SD6, there’s something for everyone, the while remaining cheap. You can complete your SWAT outfit, your GIGN uniform or even the Neo outfit from The Matrix!

G36 airsoft guns

Heritage-Airsoft offers you many references as models than manufacturers. You can also discover the futuristic replica (and fanciful) of the G14 from GSG. With these airsoft guns, you can complete your Bundeswehr outfits without breaking the bank.

Other types of Softairs

You didn’t find your happiness yet? So it’s certainly in this last category, gathering many references as the Steyr AUG, UMP, FAMAS, L85, M14 (EBBR or classical), P90 or airsoft machine guns like the M60.


*But have to be done by experts. The risk of damage is real.