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Tactical vests, chest-rig and plate-carrier

The tactical vest constitute the equipment’s heart of the soldier, whatever his country, his armament and his equipment. Heritage-Airsoft proposes you a wide selection of CIRAS / bullet proof vest, which will fit to your needs, whatever the outfit you wear.

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39,99 €

The tactical vest, also called CIRAS, Splinter Proof Jacket, Bullet Proof Jacket or MOLLE Jacket, is a must to constitute your airsoft outfit. Indeed, it allows you to carry your equipment like documents, magazines for AEG/GBBR, magazines for GBB, a radio, a light, etc. Manufactured to be adaptable to your morphology, it allows also you to be protected against BB’s impacts. Be careful, the fair-play must be saved to only hear the BB’s hit you!

Heritage-Airsoft offers you many tints of jackets, many models, to find the article you need in function of your wishes.

Many jackets are equipped with the MOLLE system, allowing to easily customize your jackets with compatible equipment.

A vast majority of our jackets are manufactured by Condor brand, specialized in creation of professional materials, so the quality is irreproachable, but by staying cheap!