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Airsoft glasses and masks

Whatever they are aesthetic or for your protection, glasses have a central role in airsoft practice. Tactical masks are also the airsoft players’ best friends who wants to be protected from the sun, but also from the opposing BB’s.

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42,90 €

A pair of glasses have to be ergonomic, efficient in its protection (a BB’s shot at point blank with a powerful Softair doesn’t have to break glasses) and practical, so to don’t be embarrassed when wearing this airsoft equipment.

By the way we propose you anti-fog spray, to avoid you to be tempted to wear off your precious protection glasses.

Many models are proposed to you, whatever they are protection glasses, sun glasses (effective against BB’s for some models), tactical masks, grilling glasses or face masks to protect the lower face.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to acquire the ideal protection to your needs (the wearing of eyeglasses can be compatible with some models of glasses).

Do not forget: Neglect your protections is to risk your health and specially your sight.