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Airsoft Field Heritage-Airsoft

What is an airsoft operation? An airsoft game is a practice close to paintball. It's a cousin whose airsoft parts are more immersive, require cohesion, team spirit and more adults than the laser game. An Airsoft field is usually bigger than a paintball field and offers natural scenery.

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Where to find an airsoft party?

It is possible to find airsoft parts in Ile de France and around Paris. Inheritance Airsoft offers airsoft operation almost every week in the year. All these games are located in Ile de France and around Paris as Satory (Versailles 78) or Nanterre (near La Defense 92).

How is an airsoft operation?

An airsoft game is a combat scenario that takes place on weekends and especially on Sundays. However an airsoft operation (or OP) can exceptionally take place over several days. Players compete in teams of 10 to 20 and must be equipped with at least one pair of safety glasses. The airsoft games (airsoft scenario) are usually copied from video games, flag capture, team death match, search and destruction or VIP protection. They can also be inspired by scenes or cult movie battles.

What kind of airsoft terrain ?

Heritage Airsoft provides its customers with Sunday parties and weekends on land in Ile de France, including Versailles and Nanterre. There are several types of terrain, each will match your desires! The land on which it is possible to play with Héritage Airsoft is the Satory Base, a 3ha forest with hills and plains, villages and forts for 60 people. The Nanterre pitch offers ultra-tight airsoft CQB (close quarters battle) games inspired by the indoor airsoft games and the indoor airsoft (played in Japan). It is a field of 400m2 with obstacles, lights and sound to punctuate the parties. An OP is played on specific airsoft terrains such as: building complex (building + outside ground) forest land small town (several buildings and streets)