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USA Airsoft Loadout

US airsoft outfits are very widespread in airsoft world because easily accessible, with an excellent quality and not expansive! Heritage-Airsoft proposes you best products to become “The Hurt Locker” or Navy Seal as in “American Sniper”.

When you create an US outfit, it’s easy to create a first base, then complete it with new equipment to get a second outfit, derived from the first.

Heritage-Airsoft offers you many outfits and variants, to use in airsoft, for photos shootings or conventions of Cosplay type!

We propose you outfits as the one worn by Bruce Willis in “Tears of the Sun”, or the Jeremy Renner’s outfit in “The Hurt Locker”. But you can also choose to be equipped with SWAT uniform, more adapted for urban environment, with compact airsoft guns, to be more mobile in CQB. At last, you can also choose to wear the Navy Seal outfit, worn by Chris Kyle during operations in Irak, related in the book/movie “American Sniper”.

If you have any question on the best way to create your outfit, which elements to privilege in first to be adaptable for your budget, feel free to contact us, we’ll do our best to help you for having your US Marines outfit!