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Airsoft loadout: Marines in the Gulf


Welcome to the Marines! Your mission? Move in the Persian Gulf.

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To do this, you will need to get your equipment. Why is it so important? Because it will be your best friend when you'll be in enemy territory.
To start, you'll take the Army jacket ACU Cut Tipstop from Propper in Digital Desert. Yes boys, you understand, it's MARPAT, short for MARine PATtern, camouflage that was especially designed for us, Marines of the United States of America. If you want to be effective, I suggest you take the matching pants from the same brand: A Marines must be swag, even in combat. Battle Cleared Replica may also be a good choice for the jacket MCCUU cut (for Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform).
To carry all your equipment, I recommend the full type OTV jacket with pockets, all in Woodland camouflage. So you will have all your equipment within easy reach, the goal being to touch the man in front of you for his country before you'll been touched for your own!
Protect your hands with tactical gloves, shelled or not. Battle Cleared Replica and Mil-Tec has excellent references with several models available. It will avoid cluttering my infirmary for a broken nail.
The US-type desert boots with a Panama sole are from Rothco, favorite Marine tactics shoes. If you are not wearing them, so go there with flip-flops, it will be the same. Who says "elite unit" say "quality material", never forget!
If you want to be useful for something on the battlefield, put me a helmet MICH 2000! You may be able to place a NVG mount, or helmet covers Digital Desert Type II, but most important is that your head is well protected. Choose your side between fiber and plastic depending on your budget.
A replica of M16 A3 Sport Line from Classic Army will be your best asset in facing the hordes of Saddam Hussein. Airsoft gun highly efficient and cheap, it will be perfect, because compatible with M4/M15/M16 magazines. Add to this a sight as ACOG 4x32 magnifying (or not) with a red crosshair, you'll be a killer in addition to being a man of taste.
M9 Beretta / 92FS will be your ideal backup in case of problem on your main airsoft gun. Always remember to allow enough supplies to avoid falling stranded ammunition, otherwise it is to me that you have to do!
Now that you are ready, go to the helicopter to field deployment. On the double!