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European Airsoft loadout

You want an Italian outfit? Or do you prefer Bundeswehr uniform? Unless you are more English? Or Russian? Heritage-Airsoft proposes you a wide choice of outfits, from different European Armies.

European continent is certainly united under the same entity is Europa, but armies of each country are very heterogeneous, giving each country his own identity and qualities. So the Bundeswehr outfit in Flecktärn camouflage, will be different of the Dutch outfit, remarkable with his DPM camouflage (Disruptive Pattern Material), recovered from English Army, we also propose you.

Digital Flora will be more adapted for Russia lovers and who likes the pixelated green camouflage. You’ll be equipped for your airsoft games, or even to be on events like Paris Manga, Japan Expo or Shooting & Games/drones Show, these outfits can easily become accessories for Cosplay.

All without forgetting our credo: cheap outfits for quality! If you have any other suggestion to add to our outfits panel, feel free to contact us, configurations’ limits being your imagination!