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How to equip yourself to start Airsoft?

How to equip yourself to start Airsoft? Do you want to invite your friend to his first part of airsoft or do you want to follow your colleague who has been telling you about his parts of Airsoft for months? Here you will find 3 outfits for playing Airsoft from the most essential to the most sophisticated.
Indeed, for the first part of Airsoft, we can equip ourselves for cheap, it is the level1 outfit. Come as you are with these airsoft equipment and you will enjoy your first game of phew!
You already know that to move on land without being seen and without damaging your favorite jeans, you need a suitable gear, the GAMER outfit is designed for you. Forest version or CQB version, it enriches the essential of Level 1 clothing with the trellis and the adapted vest.
For your first part of Airsoft, you need the correct equipment: an original, efficient replica with its accessories, a protective outfit, efficient, modern and complete. You need the Hardcore outfit! This is your first Airsoft outfit but in 5 years, you will still be the boss in the field with it!