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Tenue Airsoft Level 2 Gammer CQB

To start Airsoft, you can choose your equipment (gear) and replica depending on where you play. Later, the equipment will be sharper depending on your playing style. The CQBGamer outfit offers you your first stylish outfit, complete for airsoft in the CQB.

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9,99 €

Airsoft Games indoors allow lighter equipment, it is not so cold (on the contrary!), The safe zone is not far, you have to move fast!

Safety, in CQB games, must anticipate meetings of airsofters at close range and cutting debris, sometimes dangerous. For camouflage, unlike the predominantly green camouflage to disappear in the forest, we offer for Close Quarter Battle (CQB) predominantly black or gray outfits such as the Kryptek Typhoon, Multicam Black or Digital UCP, used by American army until the 90s.