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France Airsoft loadout

Are you looking for an airsoft outfit to fit with uniforms worn by French Army? Heritage-Airsoft offers you a selection of outfits specially prepared for your dreams!

You want to represent of tribute French soldiers currently engaged in international theaters? Heritage-Airsoft will allow you to find outfits adapted for any type of the airsoft battlefield. From the Daguet outfit (desert, Serval operation) to the Naval commandos, or even the 1er RPIMA (Naval Paratrooper Infantry Regiment), you’ll find the needed equipment. Take care of the wearing of this uniforms: the French law prevents you to wear insignias if you’re not in the real unit of the insignia you wear. So, all the accessories and equipment from Heritage-Airsoft are “anonymous”. This allow you to have fun without being illegal.

You’ll find all the Softairs we propose you to agreement your French outfits in the corresponding parts.