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Cap and beret

A very American way to protect your head is to use the cap, with or without front scratch. Players wishing to give a military picture will use berets, color defining specialization of the represented soldier.

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Heritage-Airsoft takes to heart the fidelity to reality. That's why we offer several colors and trademark or berets. Choose your specialization, whether commando (Green Beret), Parachutist (red beret) or tank crew (black beret).

Be careful thought to wearing insignia, which is regulated.

To wear a head covering easily customizable and very "US Style", we recommend wearing the cap. Our catalog includes various manufacturers and camouflage, as Woodland, the black MultiCam, or the desert 3 colors. Brands are diverse, and we find Condor, MFH, Fostex or Mil-Tec and the famous manufacturer Emerson.

Some of our caps have a scratch/front Velcro in order to fix patches. Don’t hesitate to discover our references badges in the dedicated page!