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Gourds, carrying and camelback

Any sport must be accompanied by an adequate hydration, appropriate equipment must be selected with care, because of its quality but also its consistency with your outfit. So Heritage-Airsoft offers a wide selection of canteens (in their covers) and camelback.

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Choose your canteen is almost as important as choosing your airsoft gun. It must fit with your outfit, but must be of quality. Heritage-Airsoft brought together for you the best references of canteens, which will allow you to hydrate yourself directly on the battlefield.
Each bottle comes with its cover, to choose carefully to suit with your outfit’s color.
We also have camelbacks to slip in your backpack, or tactical vest, in a back pocket. These accessories very practical and flexible will allow you to drink without having to use both hands, unlike the use of a conventional canteen.
Reenactment enthusiasts will also find their account with canteens Vietnam M56, M10 US WW2 canteen, or German canteen for German WH/LW.
From the brand T.O.E. to brand Mil-Tec through Battle Cleared Replica, without forgetting to mention the references MFH or Condor, we combined for you the best low price products.