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Hats & boonie hat

All means are good to protect the head during very sunny external operations. The same applies for airsoft games, sunstroke being never desired by your opponents! Discover our selection of hats, whether bob, bush hats or pakol type.

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There are many methods to protect your head from the sun, the best of them remains the hat, better than the helmet, and less heavy to carry.

Heritage-Airsoft offers a selection of hats, whatever they are Bob, bush hats or pakol.

Many camouflages exist regarding our bush hats, also known as Boonie Hats. So you can cover the maximum operational theaters, and the maximum possible nationalities because diversity is the friend of all airsoft players!

It is for this same reason that we present you pakol hats, in order to represent local outfits (civilian and military) on places of external operations in the Middle East.