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Airsoft Suits and Ghillies

To be a sniper includes to buy an adapted Gillie Suit for your airsoft battlefield in which you practice. To be a member of elite unit of French Army/Police/Gendarmerie require to wear an adapted suit. Heritage-Airsoft put in the spotlight elite soldiers and permit you to get their suit.

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The Softair, this is to wear clothes adapted to the environment and to the requirement in term of mobility and camouflage effectiveness, by being made with quality by staying cheap. It exists many kinds of suits and Ghillie Suit to constitute a suit dedicated to airsoft or cosplay.

You dream to be in a sniper skin in Pripyat and Tchernobyl (Call of Duty Modern Warfare I and II)? Or you want to constitute you an airsoft outfit of elite units from French police/gendarmerie/army?

Center Europe suit, Navy Blue GIGN Intervention suit, Black RAID Intervention suit or Woodland Ghillie Suit for sniper outfit will give you full satisfaction.