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Bags, pannier and backpacks

To go on the battlefield, nothing beats a good bag to easily transport its equipment and outfit. Backpacks with different types of camouflage will be indispensable for the field, many camouflages being available to fit with your uniform.

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Whether to carry extra water bottles, airsoft magazines, gas cylinders, airsoft BB’s, backpacks we offer are essential accessories for any outfit. Whatever it’s CE (Central Europe) camouflage, MultiCam, Kryptek Mandrake camouflage, the Italian Vegetato camouflage, or over desert colors such as coyotes or olive, you will find the bag that suits you, and that matches with your outfit.

Discover our 80L black bag operation that will serve to carry your outfit and equipment on public roads with discretion, the airsoft player having to be responsible both on and off the battlefield!