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Airsoft jackets and coats

An outfit won’t be defined without wearing a specific jacket. You choose the camouflage, the pocket’s number, additional functionalities your jacket can offer you and especially the price, we want the lower as possible.

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A cheap jacket? A not expansive parka? Heritage-Airsoft will know how to bring you what you need, whatever the type of your airsoft battlefield. Our Daguet F2 jackets will fit for warm fields and with a desert look, the F2 Jacket Europe Center will be for field as woods and cities. You can find the inevitable Woodland, to feel like Bruce Willis in “Tears of the Sun”. If you are more “Jarhead”, the BDU Shirt U.S. NYCO 6-color desert will be mode adapted to your wishes.

Dozens of other jackets and parkas are available, manufactured by famous firms like Pentagon, Propper, Helikon or Sturm Mil-Tec. All this brands create for airsoft players, but also for professionals, whether there are soldiers, cops or gendarmes.

Don’t hesitate to come visit us in St Cloud to check your cut and your sizes, we’ll be pleased to help you.

A good outfit requires a good base that is the jacket. Dress warmly, because “Winter is coming…”