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Airsoft Tactical Shirt

Many outfits also in the professional world (army, police, security, etc.) than in the leisure world (airsoft, cosplay, reenactment) need to wear tactical shirts, allowing to ally comfort and aestheticism, without forgetting the practical side with the mobility, without being expansive.

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34,99 €

Heritage-Airsoft proposes you many references in term of shirts, whatever they are combat shirts or tactical shirt, but also more classic shirts with beige and mustard shirts, will fit for respectively Vietcong outfit (Vietnam) and US WW2 soldier.

Whatever the type of outfit you’re constituting, we’ll have the shirt you need. Thus we dispose of many products from Popper (and a wide collection of A-TACS shirts for many type of fields), and also ATLAS fireproofed combat shirts from Arktis, which is material mainly used by professionals.

We invite you to discover our collection of tactical shirts UBAC (Under Body Armour Combat), we have various tints and camouflages, the while remaining cheap.