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Knee pads, elbow pads and gaiters

The airsoft master word, besides being fair play, is security. The protection requires access to numerous accessories, frequently used by Special Forces and other elite units. Discover our knee pads, elbow pads and other leggings to complete your outfits with realism.

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Many intervention forces use protections for elbows and knees to move without risking injuries, either by the force of a shock or by debris on the ground while he will put down a knee, or to crawl.
To protect yourself effectively, it will be necessary to use appropriate protection, whether in terms of practicality or aesthetics.
Heritage-Airsoft offers you a wide range of elbow pads, knee pads and gaiters to protect respectively elbows, knees and calves. Choose your protection model, selecting among the available camouflages. There are also shoulder protections for CIRAS, ideal for your intervention outfit like SWAT, GIGN and RAID.