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Airsoft T-Shirts

Whatever the length of the sleeves, Heritage-Airsoft’s T-shirts will correspond to all your wishes, whatever about the price or the quality. Worn alone by warm weather, or to be placed under a tactical shirt or jacket, the conclusion of your researches are our priority.

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Whatever you have an ATACS outfit desert type, or for a forest environment, our T-shirt selection have the two elements you need to get to complete your airsoft outfit.

You are more “frenchy” in your heart? The CE (Center of Europa) T-Shirt will answer to your expectations, by staying cheap.

If you feel you’re more Russian (or Russian Navy), we can propose you a long sleeves Sailor with Navy blue and white strips (or the opposite!)

Russian lovers in more field version will enjoy the T-shirts in Digital Flora version. Many other camouflages of Digital type, as the UCP (Universal Camouflage Pattern) or Woodland, will fit to your needs.

Krypteck Highlander and Typhoon from MFH brand can seduce all this type of camouflage lovers, the Highlander version being more used as “pass-key”, the Typhoon version being for night battle/game. US outfits lovers will chose their pattern in function of the way you play!