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Airsoft pistols

Airsoft handguns are very popular in the airsoft middle, thanks to their realism, their developed sensations when shooting, but also with their price: this replicas are cheap and excellent quality. Whatever you like GBB, AEP, CO2 or spring, our references will answer to your expectations. 

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    A good handgun can combine reach, low price, realism compared with the original model, and reasonable power. Whatever you are beginner, experienced airsoft player or real enthusiast by GBB (Gas Blow Back), you’ll find all you need here to be equipped with a back-up.

    A GBB works with a magazine, in which is contained the gas supply. Once you shoot by pressing the trigger, the firing pin will hit the valve on the magazine’s rear, which will release a load of gas. A part will go by the front to send the BB’s out of the barrel, the second will go throw the rear to move the slide and engage a new BB’s once the slide will take its place again. This process could not be more realistic allow to have sometimes a significant recoil, increasing the fun when using the pistol!

    Do you prefer History? We have a large choice of WW2 airsoft pistols (WW2 = World War Two) like the Colt 1911 A1 WE, the Tokarev TT-EE WE or the P38 Maruzen.

    Modernity suits you better than retro? Our range of Glock and Beretta will seduce you. Dan Wesson revolvers can also be used during you airsoft games, replicas we propose you are bridled to respect security standards in force in airsoft associations.

    Winter is not the favorite season of airsoft players, the gas reacting differently with low temperatures. GBB are ineffective, causing rapid degassing.

    So it’s time to discover AEP (Automatic Electric Pistol), working with batteries. These Softairs are very cheap, the slide being fixed. And they will know how to help you to stay safe on the battlefield, whatever the temperature!

    Is you want to stay independent of any power supply, airsoft pistols of type “Spring” are made for you: They work with a spring et don’t ask any supply source except your wrist strength. There guns are cheap but ask for a manual cocking before each shoot.