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Dummy knives

Dummy knives, made of rubber, are widespread in the world of airsoft: first for aesthetics, but also for convenience in game: voice “out” will become very epic!

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Knives, bayonets and daggers are considered as weapons for the law, and all the French associations have to refuse them in airsoft games, even if their use is only for aesthetic.
To work around this problem, Heritage-Airsoft offers many articles made of rubber, which will allow a safe use during your airsoft games. But beware, the tip of the blade can prick!
Equip your airsoft outfit with a knife, a bayonet or a dagger stored in its scabbard. Several camouflage patterns are available for several models of scabbards/holsters. Lovers of historical reenactment will be also served through US daggers M3, M1 Garand bayonet or Mauser 98K bayonet.
A shot of silver paint on the blade will increase the realism of the object, all the blades we suggest being black.