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Batteries, chargers et boxes

Essential accessory when it comes to use of AEG (Automatic Electric Gun), the battery has a key role and choose it well will avoid you many problems. Also discover our battery chargers and our boxes allowing you to carry your batteries outside of your replicas.

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A good battery starts with good manufacturing quality. In this goal, we propose products tested and approved by our team. Following batteries formats you need for your airsoft gun, you can choose from several references: Ni-MH or Li-Po.
We also propose a new type of battery, known to be more secured than the Li-Po, which must be handled by following specific rules: LiFePo4. Several formats and several powers are available to suit with your Softair!
To charge your battery, be careful to choose your product, a bad use of these elements could be dangerous. Our battery chargers will be much better than those provided with airsoft guns, don’t make savings on this vital accessory.
You will also find various batteries that can be used for lamps we propose in our catalog, or wires as adapters to connect a battery with a large type connector to a mini-type connectors, and vice versa.