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FAST Ops-Core


FAST OPS-Core family

FAST helmets are very popular in airsoft, the "Real Deal" are Ops-Core brand and equip most FS around the world.

These replicas offer a non-standard protection, and if they are effective against the bobology, (the balls, the branches, the low rooms of ceiling) they do not protect from a true fall.


The brands of airsoft offering FAST copies use names of their own to differentiate the 3 models of the original brand.


Here are the 3 variants of the FAST headset of the Ops-Core brand:

FAST XP (Ballistic type)

Specifications :

The FAST XP ballistic is used by the units at the lights of the action risking at all times projectiles, fragments, shrapnels, shocks ..


Identification :

The FAST has an outer shell without ventilation to ensure optimum ballistic protection.

His shroud NVG is removable.






FAST Carbon (Trauma type)

Specifications :

The FAST Carbon helmet offers protection against violent shocks, and the trauma they could cause. It is very widely used by helicopter or paratrooper units.


Identification :

The FAST Carbon helmets are easily recognizable thanks to the 8 oval vents on the outer shell and the possibility of disassembling the NVG support.

 FAST Carbon





FAST Bump (Training type)

Specifications :

FAST Bump helmets are helmets reserved for training units using FAST Balistique and Carbon helmets. They are lighter, and cheaper.


Identification :

The FAST Bump training helmets are identifiable by the presence of 8 diamond-shaped vents on the outer shell. The NVG mount bracket (Shroud) is molded onto the outer shell.

 FAST Bump





High-Cut / Super High-Cut (XP / MT)

The high-cut version of the FAST headset is by default the standard version of FAST.

The FAST helmets come in two versions: High-cut and Super High-cut. These two versions are differentiable by several elements:

The Super High-cut versions of the FAST look thinner (they take up less volume) hence the name "super high cut", the earloops under the ARC rails are also wider and higher. ARC rails are also shorter. The purpose of this version is to greatly favor the accessoirisassions of the FAST Ops-Core as well by the communication systems as by the equipment equipped while limiting the weight of the FAST helmet.
Ultra High-Cut

OPS-Core Summary:


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