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Body, RIS, Carry handle

One of the main interests of airsoft is to offer an infinite number of customization options. Change your Carry Handle, add slings rings and replace handguards to get a unique airsoft gun.

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Armalite type replicas are known to be easily removable and thus provide for easy customs realizations adapted for any individual needs.

So browse through our body’s selection (including the olive plastic body for M14 from Classic Army) handguards with RIS rails from different brands (SRC, DBoys ...). Complete your handguard by adding rails cover for M4 (sold by 4), which allow you to improve the ergonomics of your airsoft gun if you don’t use all your rails.

A plate for straps fastener for M4, M16, which has a ring on each side, allows you to make fully ambidextrous your Armalite replica.