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All for playing Airsoft

Heritage-Airsoft offers you consumables for all your types of airsoft guns. From the using to the maintenance, the material has to be made of quality to take care of your favorites toys!

The Heritage-Airsoft’s credo is to propose you material for a low cost, with a high level of quality. But make accessible the essential is also in our objectives. So we propose in this rubric all the indispensables for the maintenance and the using of your favorite Softairs. You’ll find any kind of gas, for all the GBB or GBBR you own, just as the CO2 cartridges for the corresponding pistols. The BB-Loader, or Speed-Loader, will simplify your life on the battlefield, the low-cap magazines requiring these accessories to be filled.

You’ll find also a range of game accessories to realize scenarios like “Counter Strike”!

Without forgetting the essential for the maintenance of your airsoft guns: silicone oil will increase the life span of your gas guns (mainly). A must for all airsofter who respect himself!

Note all the BB’s we’re selling are biodegradable, in the respect of the environment and field we use to practice the airsoft!