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BIO ball

The biodegradable BB’s are necessary to fully use your Softair during airsoft games or for shooting at static targets. Discover our references of BIO BB’s, which will suit all types of AEGs.

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Without BB’s, how to use our precious airsoft guns?

We offer many references of BB's from various brands (King Arms King, Xtreme Precision, G&G or MIMETIX), various weights (0.20g, 0.23g and 0.25g), various amounts, all in different packaging (bags, bottles). Discover our olive green square bottles that are easy to carry in magazine pouches or other cases hanging on your tactical vest. It will be easy to transport several one next to the other, unlike traditional circular bottles.

To know that all of our BB’s are BIO, respecting our airsoft fields and the environment. Self-respect and fair play starts with respect for others and the rules of etiquette.