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Radios and accessories

Be equipped with PMR 446 radios to effectively communicate with your teammates, and with the organizers to get the latest information. Also try our audio accessories needed to use your radio.

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14,90 €

19,90 €

An undeniable asset in airsoft games is communication: a team equipped with radios will see its chances of success its goals are greatly increased against a team with no means of communication. To help you, Heritage-Airsoft proposes you radios 446 PMR and some accessories as headsets and laryngophones, or headphones BOW M-Tactical.
Want to add realistic details to your outfit or a display/diorama, so discover our dummy radios PRC-152, several colors are available to fit with the environment you want to adopt. Ideal to garnish an HQ, radio placed next to a map of the battlefield!