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Webbing for Airsoft guns

To secure your airsoft gun, or simply to easily carry it, a sling will be indispensable. Several models exist, like 1 point, 2 points or 3 points suspenders, or canvas slings, or leather for Vintage players!

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There are many types of slings used in airsoft. Each replica may use a specific type of sling. Armalite airsoft guns will more easily welcome 1, 2 or 3 points slings, while the airsoft replicas AK type have their own type of sling.
For your automatic pistol, we have many types of straps to secure your gun in case of fall.
Lovers of WW2 airsoft replicas will focus on the USM1 sling, MP40 sling and leather sling for M1 Garand, also used on his derivative: the M14.
We also offer many accessories and spare parts, such as quick clip fasteners, with a central lock button; or sling ring to place on a Picatinny rail.