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Airsoft Loadout : MultiCam Tropic


The first 3.0 outfit is finally available in HERITAGE-AIRSOFT. New look, still more attractive prices, and quality brands for your Airsoft games.

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Kit list :

"You're a pathfinder. You are hidden in the bushes to spot the actions of the opponent. Your invisibility is due to the efficiency of the Tropic MultiCam® you wear. Thanks to your Midland G7 radio, you send the positions occupied by the Tango, allowing to your team to set in place for the ambush. Everything is going according to the plan. You prepare a second real cap G&G magazine, your hand tightens your PTS RVG grip, and you remove the safety of your Bolt M4A1. The assault will be given in a few seconds..." 

The effectiveness of MultiCam® is no longer in doubt, but a new variant is now available at Heritage-Airsoft to perfect your stealth in the woods. 
In France, except the Kakouetta gorges, there are many airsoft fields that, without having a tropical climate, are bordering a marsh or simply have green vegetation. The Tropic MultiCam® answers this need of dissimulation in this environment's type. 
The alliance of Leo Köhler, 75 years of German quality in the manufacture of specialty clothes, and Pattern MultiCam® is the guarantee of a higher trellis. 
Select the Explorer pants in function of the desired comfort and your vest, combat shirt or the Kommando jacket. 
The bush hat (Boonie Hat) in classic MultiCam will complete this set. We offer several models adapted to your means. 
About tactical boots, Lowa, Teesar or Viper will satisfy the most demanding. 
The Chest-Rig OPS Condor brand, completed with your MOLLE pouches and holsters selection, will help you use your tactical equipment. The expert's touch takes the form of "Condor ambidextrous holster MOLLE type" in which you place a gas cylinder, always at hand. 
The bag's concealment is convenient with the DPM scarf-net that breaks the straight shape of the backpack 30L olive color included in this kit list.  

A dummy knife (Training knife) Peace Keeper type from Cold Steel will complete the set, allowing you to perform "OUT" to the (low!) voice, without being detected. 
If this is you, however, that you've been hit, then you have to proudly display our orange marker to find the respawn! 
In addition to this outfit, you can use your favorite M4, we offer you several in Desert color, this color being a good basis for creating customs. Don't hesitate to discover our
 paintings in the related topic, this will allow you to easily customize your replica with 50 shades of green! 
About handgun, excellent Glock 17 replica (S17 from Stark Arms) with a tan color base, allowing, again, having a base to add green paint.  

"You walk between the motionless bodies of out players reported by their bite indicator. The opponent didn't see it coming, and the objective is under the control of your team. The team leader gives instructions to ensure the defense area, and then comes to congratulate you for your discretion before assigning you a new mission. The smile on your mouth, you are delighted with your last purchase at Heritage-Airsoft..." 

MultiCam® the pattern has been developed to effectively reduce the infrared and visual signature of a person operating through different environments and seasons. Proven in combat, and became the official pattern of the US military for all operations in Afghanistan in 2010, multi-MultiCam® is the environment concealment solution.