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Airsoft loadout: US M42 paratrooper, Normandy 1944US Airborne


The US paratrooper uniform during the linding in Normandy, June 1944.

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In the night of 1944 June the 5th to 6th, thousands of US paratroopers are dropped on the Cotentin peninsula in Normandy. Their objectives: neutralize and secure the maximum of positions in sight of the planned attacks by the infantry on the Normandy beaches. Then the 101st and the 82nd airborne division jump on Ste Marie du Mont and Ste Mère Eglise. In theory, because the enemy DCA has caused confusion in the formation of C-47 Dakota, and many of paratroopers were dropped in kilometers from their drop zone.

Thus began the France liberation, which continued in Carentan, where the 101st airborne clashed with German Fallschirmjäger.

By wearing this uniform, you'll be following in the footsteps of great solders, made famous by Steven Spielberg's realizations in Band of Brothers, or in Saving Private Ryan.

The US paratrooper was equipped with a jacket M42 and a trousers M42, both reinforced, to wear on a M37 mustard jacket. Then we add accessories, like the M1 Helmet with his specific liner for US paratroopers, or the jump boots "Corcoran", high level quality made by Mil-Tec. Cavalry gloves used by paratroopers (inter alia) and the scarf realized in a parachute will be details will give a supplementary realism to your uniform.
The M1936 suspenders belt, the M1936 belt and the M1936 musette jump bag will also be accessories very useful, as in airsoft and in re-enactment.

You can complete your outfit with many airsoft guns like the M1 Grand, the Thompson M1A1, the Grease Gun or the Colt 1911 A1. Nothing prevent you yo find a Lüger or a MP40, the spoils of war were common at this time! (Paratroopers were often operating being surrounded!)

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