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Airsoft loadout: BF4 Multicam


Battlefield 4 allows integrating four different classes per faction. The "Engineer" class is essential to manage the vehicles, as friends than enemies: it's fit to be destroyed, as repair them.

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Battlefield 4, more than just a video game, has become a reference in the world of gamers. This is why Heritage-Airsoft allows you to acquire all the elements for constituting the specific outfit in the class "Engineer", dedicated to the class of vehicle processing. You can also reassure your gaming colleagues, by saying "Trust me, I'm an Engineer".
A tactical UBAC shirt (Under Body Armor Combat) with his tactical pants Gen 3 (with reinforcements on the elbows and knees) are the right outfit to match the "Engineer" class Battlefield 4. A baseball cap for the same pattern, with velcro on the front (to put a Heritage-Airsoft patch?) will complete this set.
Depending on your budget, you can choose the MOLLE Modular Operator (MOPC) Vest from the brand Condor, or even tactical vest more accessible regarding the price by Mil-Tec. The tactical belt, coyote color in nylon from Propper is the essential element to complement the tactical pants that we offer.
To protect your hands, color or tactical gloves coyote tan color of the brand "Battle Cleared Replica" will be perfect, especially about their very affordable price.
The shoes ZEPHYR GTX from the brand Lowa are a benchmark in tactical boots. They offer comfort, reliability and maintain the wonderfully ankle. Mil-Tec also offers its own version, with a different look for the same color and an interesting price.
Concerning radio communication, don't forget the headphones M-BOW TACTICAL, easy to wear with cap, connected to the G7 XT PMR 446.
A shotgun replica long Franchi SAS 12 3 barrels will reflect your desire to intimidate your opponents, its 3 BB's shot simultaneously will easily lower heads. A pistol will also not too much, to be placed in a rigid CQC holster. You choose between the Beretta M9/M92FS or S17, replica of Glock 17 by Stark Arms.